Traits of a Good Accountant

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Published: 09th July 2012
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In business, an accountant can really make a world of difference in how your business grows, assuming the right accountant is working with you.

So, here are the characteristics or traits of a good accountant that could really help in building your business:

-Have Grasps of the Basics. An accountant should be sharp, decisive, confident very well informed and quick to response, with excellent judgment. You are required to have a high awareness of the different factors that may affect the working of your company and the prospects of it.

-A Great Multi-tasker. A good accountant must be able to do different tasks and deal with constant interruptions easily, without losing focus on doing the various tasks. In accounting, accounting works involve tracking many details and doing many tasks, of which an accountant must make sure that each detail is crucial for accurate reporting. As a good multi-tasker, an accountant must have efficient organizational skills, a quick mind and abundant mental energy.

-Have Strong Ethics. Nowadays, in almost all organizations, loyalty is given great importance and considered as a valuable trait of an employee. A company’s senior executives consider accountants are valuable and worth their high salaries if they show respect of the confidentiality and ethics of the company, show loyalty and conduct themselves properly.

-Up-to-Date. A good accountant is someone who is updated with the latest trends in accounting like putting together tax return quickly and correctly, and must make sure of the latest and greatest tools in accounting.

-Flexible and Accommodating. Accountants experience monotonous work schedule, repetitive works, strict deadlines, and accuracy as part of their everyday work schedule. Ad accountant must be well-prepared and brace all these experiences, easily presenting yourself as an accommodating person when needed for tight work schedules and deadlines.

-Strong Focus. Accounting work requires many long hours of repetitive work, especially during deadlines and busy seasons. A good accountant must be able to block out distractions around him and stay focused, without becoming overwhelmed by the entire workload and instead give his entire focus to the task at hand.

-Trained Eyes. Accounting work requires an accountant to scrutinize a lot of numbers and documents. A good accountant should have a keen eye for detail as their judgment and keen eye for detail are what the whole organization will trust with regards to studying these documents, producing accurate reports.

-Strong Time Management Skill. With growing companies involving growing work pressures with more and more accounts and money to handle, a good accountant should be masters of time management. They must be quick with their work, easily sticking to deadlines. They must be able to easily do prioritization of their works, be accurate and respect deadlines.

-Effective Stress Management Skills. To avoid burning out from the demands of deadlines and details, a good accountant must know well-developed and effective stress management techniques. This may include physical exercise such as jogging or working out at the gym or a hobby or craft, such as golfing or fishing. These successful stress management skills would give the accountant a chance and time to recharge her batteries and continue working.

So, when interviewing for an accountant, ask these skills if they have them or give them situations where you can assess if they have these skills. A good accountant is a treasure in every growing business.

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