Reasons you Need to Learn Accounting

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Published: 09th November 2012
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Knowledge is power and this seems truer than most in accounting.

Accounting is the language of business; and nearly every business and financial transaction involves some type of accounting. Accounting does not only provide the much needed information for decision making but it also keeps track of the business and measures its performance. This means that Accounting is the means by which relevant and reliable financial information can be communicated to the management who can analyze that information to make business decisions.

With accounting knowledge, you will not only be able to record financial information but also be able to understand the meaning of the financial information presented to you, analyze them and make use of them for the management of your business. With accounting, you will be able to learn how to present financial statements as well as financial analysis techniques that you can use to assist in your business planning and decision making.

Most businessman and company owners tend to only hire good accountants or CPAs and/or have well-placed accounting procedures and systems, thinking that good CPAs and good systems are all they need. Though this is great also, businesses should not only be content with leaving everything related to accounting and taxation to their accountants. In order to have full control and understanding of your business, you also need to learn about accounting.

With accounting, you will be able to make sense of your financial. Though it is the accountants that prepare the financial reports, it is the management and, ultimately, the Board of Directors of the company who are really responsible for the financial reports. Having accounting knowledge will enable you to understand these financial reports as well as make it easier for you and your accountant to talk about the report.

Accounting will also enable you to analyze your numbers. Having accounting knowledge will help you understand and analyze the reasons behind your cash flow problems and where your money is going. Accounting knowledge will enable you to understand why your sales are decreasing or increasing, or why you are losing when your cash is increasing. Among others, information that would greatly help in your decision making and in improving your bottom-line will be available.

Accounting knowledge will enable you to analyze the accounting impact of your major decisions. As accounting is reactive, if you have accounting knowledge at least, keep in mind that any decisions you make may have an accounting impact and you will be able to run some accounting numbers or even have a consultation with your accountants and be able to make decisions that have no or at least a minimal impact on the financials of the company.

Overall, accounting is the backbone of the business, an integral part of your business. And as part of the management or as the owner, having accounting knowledge, learning the basics of accounting, especially those that apply to your business or company, is to your advantage, though it may seem it will be more of a hassle as it requires you to spend more of your time learning and understanding accounting, which is not really that easy.

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